To The Lighthouse (2018-19)

2018-19 - A commission from online gallery The Shop Floor Project to make a body of work based on descriptions of objects, patterns and characters in the 1927 novel by Virginia Woolf, ‘To The Lighthouse’. A set piece description of a dinner party central to the book was a starting point for me to make plates, candelabra, cups, tiles and a cruet set all alluding to the characters sitting around the table by candlelight at this dinner party. The set of eight plates were decorated in ‘Dieppe Delftware’ style inspired by Roland Collins’ collection in his London home and show quotes picked out from throughout the novel, handwritten in a cursive style that attempts to mimic Woolf’s own longhand written manuscripts. Taken out of context, these phrases bring to mind random snatches of poetry or passing thoughts. The Shop Floor Project.


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