I often discover a rich seam of inspiration in things that were under my nose all along, such as Staffordshire figures, found text, Tudor architecture and English Delftware. These things lead my work in different directions and remind me to stay curious about anything that may be hiding in plain sight.

I have become more and more interested in making connections between three dimensional objects and language and the written word. My ceramics making currently explores themes around literature, found text, linguistics, literary theory and ekphrasis.

I studied English and History of Art at Nottingham University, and worked as a bookseller before my career as a ceramicist. My current work is an attempt to bring narrative, linguistics and literary themes to life in three dimensions.

My ceramics are wheel thrown, hand built and occasionally press moulded. The surface decoration is applied with coloured slips and underglazes using traditional slipware techniques such as painting, trailing, sponge printing and hand cut paper resist.

"A man and his HOBBY-HORSE, tho' I cannot say that they act and re-act exactly after the same manner in which the soul and body do upon each other: Yet doubtless there is a communication between them of some kind … so that if you are able to give but a clear description of the nature of the one, you may form a pretty exact notion of the genius and character of the other" – Laurence Sterne, 'The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy'


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